Teak items are resistant to the elements.

Teak will naturally age to an attractive silver grey colour over the years.

If you prefer to keep the original color of the teak, we recommended to treat the item with

Teak oil twice a year.


Recycled Oak and other timbers can be buffed with a furniture wax and a soft dry cloth.

After applying the wax let it penetrate for 20 minutes. Use a clean soft dry cloth to buff up

the item.  This will give it a light sheen and will also provide protection.

For best results it is important to always go in the direction of the timber when applying the

wax and buffing afterwards.



Each piece has been made by individual craftsmen, using aluminium according to Villa

Maison’s exact design and quality standards.

As polishing is entirely done by hand, slight imperfections may occur. They enhance the

product and do not affect its durability or structure.

 It is important to note that aluminium is a very soft metal, so please make sure assembly

instructions are followed carefully.  Do not force the construction, as this will damage the



Aluminium items can be buffed up with a soft dry cloth to ensure years of pleasure. A little

Silvo on a soft cloth may also be applied.  Aluminum is not suitable for outdoor use.



Brass items can be buffed up with a soft dry cloth to ensure years of pleasure. A little Brasso

on a soft cloth may also be applied.  Brass is not suitable for outdoor use.



Nickel finished items can be buffed up with a soft dry cloth to ensure years of pleasure.  

Nickel is not suitable for outdoor use.


Industrial metal

This metal is best maintained by dusting the item regularly. Never apply water or moist

cloth as this may cause rust.



Periodically you may treat your leather with a leather protector or moisturize with a

leather conditioner.  Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause the leather to fade or dry out.


Sofa, Chair and Chaise Lounge Covers

Dry cleaning recommended.


Cutlery & Salad servers

Dishwasher safe (Excluding wooden handles)                

*        Do not leave cutlery or servers to soak or drain in dishwasher

          or sink for long periods of time.

*        Do not use abrasive cleaners or items like steel wool.

*        Always use a mild detergent.

*        When using a dishwasher, always load the handles of forks and

          spoons pointing down and knife handles pointing up.

*        Dry immediately after washing. Use a soft cloth to do so.

*        Salad dressings contain a lot of acid. Clean utensils straight away

          when no longer in use.



Each piece of our extensive French inspired Glassware collection is individually hand

blown by the maker, therefore slight variations in size and appearance may occur .

These are acknowledgements of the process that takes place to create the unique character

and charm of our glass collections.

The text is screened onto the glass through a firing process. We recommend hand washing

these items.



Our white ceramic collection with Pewter style rim and handles is not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or oven.

The metal adornments make this collection suitable for hand wash only.


Perspex & Glass

To ensure the quality of perspex or glass is well maintained please clean using non-scratch glass cleaning cloths or

microfiber cloths only. When cleaning use circular motions to achieve the best results. Should any cleaning fluids be

required we recommend using Windex.