Villa Maison has a clear vision to bring warmth, joy and beauty to all homemakers through

the provision of inspirational, innovative and unique collections.

We aim to stand out from the crowd, to make our customers feel inspired, happy and special.



We will always operate with respect and integrity, never compromising our people, our

customers or our stakeholders in the pursuit of success.

We will be customer driven, working with passion and commitment to ensure we always

deliver the best we can.

We will operate with an unrelenting desire to continuously improve our products, our services,

our people and therefore our success.

We will support communities that are less well off than us in particular the communities from

which we source our products.



Our goal is to become the supplier of first choice for all of our customers.  When customers 

think of buying products of beauty, that are innovative and inspirational, that will bring

joy and happiness to their home, they will think of Villa Maison first.