Elly Clues, founder and creative director of Villa

Maison, draws her inspiration from many experiences,

but her heritage influences her the most.

"My inspiration comes from many things I see. The shape

of a building, the ribbon in someone’s hair, the colour of a

dress, it is endless. I make mental notes all the time, or

make a quick sketch in my little notebook.  Being

European, I also continually draw from my upbringing 

and back ground. I am lucky, as this provides me with a

melting pot of images and memories of cultures that are

close to my heart and have shaped me to who I am


Born and raised in The Netherlands, Elly spent many years living in Amsterdam surrounded by the

majesty of canals, cafes and beautiful houses, houses built in an age when craftsmen hand made

everything, and style was fashionable. One of the most fashionable houses in the street, was always

Ellys childhood home, where her mother was constantly styling and decorating.

Ellys love of travel led her to work for KLM Airlines, and for many years Elly travelled to far off

destinations, absorbing the local style of the architecture and culture of the people. Some of her

favorite destinations include Alaska, France, India and Kenya. Her love of languages has seen Elly

live in many countries, including Tanzania, England, and France. Ellys career then changed course,

and for many years, Elly worked in marketing for major companies such as Peugeot. Whilst travelling

in Vietnam, Elly met her future husband and finally settled in Australia, first in Perth then


Ellys experiences, her Dutch heritage and her love of decorating and travel, become the motivation to

start Villa Maison, and in 2003 a brand was born.

Elly now lives in Melbourne with her husband but travels regularly across the globe to many countries

for her business, including back to France where she now owns a Provencal home near Roussillon.